… and congratulations – you have taken the first step in finding quality pet and home care by finding me!  I offer a variety of pet and house care services to San Diego and La Mesa. Before jumping in right away and contacting me using the contact form on the right side bar of the site please consider the following TOP 15 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE OUR MEET AND GREET:

Services Available
Coverage Area
Pet Expectations
Initial Consultation
Necessary Forms
Rates, Reservations and Cancellations/Changes
Visitors, Shared Sitting Arrangements and Service Personnel
Outdoor Pets
The Pet Care Provider-Client Relationship


Please also feel free to check out related Pet Care news and updates on my blog to your right on this site where you can also subscribe to receive news, press releases, tips and other handy information as they come along. Feel free to add a comment! I am also on Facebook and Twitter passing out local event info, crime updates for my coverage area and much much more. Just follow or invite me to get exclusive access to all the deets! I am also on YAHOO MESSENGER for live assistance (make sure to identify your needs when you say hello)! I also offer gift certificates that are great as gifts or to save for a rainy day and I also accept barters, trades and exchanges for other items or services which gives the responsible pet owner an advantage to providing the care pets need without worrying about the economy!

Mission Statement

It is not only the goal, but also the requirement to provide quality, loving and conscientious pet care. It is also necessary to ensure the security of my clients’ homes and personal confidentiality. My quality of service standards are not simply words, they are my way of doing business and will never waiver. I am committed to providing exceptional care that will exceed your expectations in the highest level of professionalism. My clients’ security, trust and satisfaction are my highest priorities!


Code of Ethics

I understand that pets are members of the family. As a Pet Sitter and Dog Walker, I recognize the importance animals play in the lives of their guardians. The care I give your pets is extremely important to me and I look upon it as a very serious responsibility. As your pet care assistant, I will:

  • Treat every pet as if it is my own.
  • Be dependable– it is of the utmost importance!
  • Be honest and trustworthy. My customers deserve it.
  • Respect and protect my customer’s home and property.
  • Always keep my promises and fulfill my commitments.
  • My success as a professional pet sitter is directly affected by the way I conduct myself and treat my customers.